AIDA 4 ★

15,000 baht

AIDA 4 * Course takes you to a whole new level of confidence in your freediving skills. You will you learn the latest techniques for deeper diving and you will learn more about conditioning your body for freediving. This course will help you to redifine the limits of your freediving abilities.

AIDA 4 * Course takes 3 days to complete and consists of 3 sections:

  • aida-4-star-freediverKnowledge Development: your instructor will conduct a classroom session where you will learn the latest techniques for deeper freediving, how to perform more advanced equalisation techniques and more about how to stay fit for freediving.

There is a written exam to complete for the course.

  • Confined water session: you will practise the advanced equalisation techniques required for deep freediving, demonstrate appropriate rescue techniques and perform safe buddy skills.

The performance requirements for the pool session are that you complete static apnea for 3 minutes 30 seconds and you complete dynamic apnea for 70 metres.

  • Open Water sessions: you will perfect the skills you learned in the swimming pool in an open water environment taking your freediving skills to the highest level possible for a recreational freediver.

The performance requirement for the open water sessions is to achieve a constant weight dive between 32 and 38 metres.

You will need to complete the Medical Form below to show you are fit to take the course so please review it before confirming participation in the course. 

AIDA International Medical Statement


Day 1 will usually start at 9am in the classroom where you will complete the required course paperwork and receive a briefing before going to the swimming pool to practice the freediving skills and techniques required for the longer breatholding and deeper depth limits for AIDA 4 * freedivers.

After lunch you will receive further theory presentations from your instructor which will increase your freediving knowledge to help you push your personal freediving limits to the maximum.

On days 2 and 3 we take you on one of our speedboats “Midnight Blue” to make the open water sessions. Pick up from your resort is around 7am-7.30am depending where you are staying on Koh Samui.

After getting a briefing from your instructor you will participate in 2 open water sessions each day and depending on our schedule and sea conditions, dive sessions can take place either in Koh Tao or at Sail Rock.

During the open water sessions you will put into practice the skills and techniques you covered in the swimming pool such as stretching exercises, longer breatholding, dive preparation and set-up, buddying and safety skills and deep freedives. You will practise free immersion and constant weight freedives and you will extend your personal depth limits.

We have lunch on the boat then move the boat to a second dive site and dive again in the afternoon so you can further practise your new skills.

We usually return to Koh Samui between 1pm and 3pm depending on our destination that day.