Freediving Crew

The Freediving Academy are happy to have Sophie Bellin as our instructor to provide both PADI and AIDA Freediving courses to our customers.

While enjoying snorkeling during a trip to Mexico in 2008 Sophie was amazed by the beauty of the underwater world and on returning home to France she joined a freediving club to be able to enjoy it even more. After several years of practising and improving her skills she decided to become a professional instructor and share her passion for freediving with others. She has gained experience of teaching freediving in France, Bali, Koh Lanta on the west coast of Thailand and now of course on Koh Samui.

Sophie considers freediving as a source of well-being and an asset to build self-confidence. For her, freediving involves a lot of things but she particularly likes the process of recognizing and releasing anxiety. She has found certain

aspects of freediving to be a useful approach for dealing with other stresses in life and to help her relax.

Sophie is a very patient instructor and her teaching is more focused on fun and pleasure rather than performance. Although Sophie has reached the level to participate in competitions, above all she enjoys freediving for the interaction with the ocean and for the relaxation provided by freediving.

When she’s not diving Sophie enjoys taking care of her cat “blackie”. She also enjoys other kinds of outdoor activities such as Mountain Biking, Hiking and swimming.

Freediving Qualifications:

  • AIDA MASTER Instructor: December 2014 (certified by Claude Chapuis )
  • SSI Level 2 Instructor: April 2015 (certified by Sura Dai )
  • RAID / WSF advanced Instructor May 2015 (certified by Mike Wells )
  • PADI Master Instructor January 2017 (certified by Akim Ladhari )