What We Do

What is Freediving?

Freediving uses advanced breathing techniques and diving skills to increase depth and time underwater. Through training, freedivers learn to conserve oxygen while breathholding while practicing different freediving disciplines, such as static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion and constant weight freedives.

static-apneaStatic Apnea – Breath hold face down in water

A breath hold performed face down in a pool or confined water is called static apnea. It is a popular competitive discipline as much as an important form of training. Holding your breath for an extended time is as much a physical task as it is a mental game. Your mind does not like to stop working and it has a hard time doing nothing.




dynamic-apneaDynamic Apnea – Horizontal distance covered on one breath

Dynamic apnea (DYN) is about the horizontal distance covered under water on one breath. This discipline is mostly done in pools. It is also possible to perform dynamic apnea in any confined water, such as a sheltered beach, or a lagoon. Dynamic apnea is an important general training discipline in order to work on your body posture, finning technique and CO2 tolerance.



Constant Weight – Swim down and back up using the same amount of weight

This is probably the most known discipline of freediving. In this discipline you swim down and back up along a dive line, using the same amount of weight. Hence it is called constant weight. Constant weight freediving can be performed with fins or without.




free-immersion-freedivingFree Immersion – Pulling yourself down and back up a line

In free immersion you pull yourself down and back up the dive line without the use of fins. Free immersion is a vital part of every open water freedive session. It is the most relaxed way to start your session by slowly pulling yourself down to a comfortable depth. By doing so you can spend time under water without exerting yourself while giving your body and mind time to switch into “freedive mode”.

About Us

The Freediving Academy is a part of English owned PADI 5 Star Diving Centre The Dive Academy based on the paradise island of Koh Samui. Since we began in 2005 we have been known for providing the highest standards of customer service, safety and fun. The Freediving Academy provide the same high levels of service and our highly experienced staff will make sure you receive the best possible experience when you are with us.

PADI, the world’s leading scuba diver training agency, have introduced a range of freediver courses to make freediver training much more accessible and easier to attain. The Freediving Academy are the only registered PADI Freediving Centre on Koh Samui. We offer a first time freediving experience as well as the full range of PADI and AIDA recreational level Freediving Courses. We also offer freediving tours to the top sites in the Gulf of Thailand.